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Impact the lives of young women in 2024

You have the power to make a lasting impact in the lives of young girls. Imagine the possibilities of empowering these girls to become confident, resilient, and successful individuals. By investing in their education, providing mentorship, and creating opportunities for growth, you can help shape a future where these young women thrive and achieve their dreams.

What We Do

NGS Club

Nerdy Girl Business brings career programming to young women and introduces them to women leaders in a variety of industries.

Career and Leadership Summit

1/2 day program where girls network with a variety of career women, gain useful insight and skill development through workshops.

Career Accelerator

Our short term career prep program is for young women looking for guidance in starting their career.

Who We Serve

Campus Populations That We Serve

High School Clubs:

Career & Leadership Summits:

Economically disadvantaged*

Free lunch

Reduced lunch

Economically disadvantaged

Free lunch

Reduced lunch

*Averaged across campuses

Our Sponsors

In order to continue providing these valuable resources and programs to the girls, we rely on the support of our sponsors. Our sponsors play a vital role in helping us keep our programs free for the girls who participate. By supporting Nerdy Girl Success®, sponsors are investing in the future of young women in leadership. Also, consider volunteering or hosting a program.