Leadership & Confidence Building Teen Programs

Lead Like a Girl

Identify the skills and characteristics of leaders, the types of power leaders use, leadership styles. Girls are empowered by identify those skills they possess and evaluate how they can build and strengthen their leadership. (Eight 90min hands-on workshops)

Girl Power

Building skills to enable girls to articulate who they are and what they believe empowering them to step forward and stand up for their beliefs. Uses the principles of The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson to teach the objectives. (Four 90min hands-on workshops)

Savvy Girl, Did You Know

What do a CEO, engineer and a YouTube star all have in common? They’ve all mastered this one skill important to becoming successful, developing a mindset for success. Through the interactive sessions, the girls strengthen their self-confidence and self-esteem creating the mindset helping them become successful in everything they do. (Five 2 hour workshops)


Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Interactive experiences that provide an opportunity to explore the skills and aptitudes of entrepreneurship, examine their personal aptitudes and how to build and strengthen them. (Six 90 min hands-on workshops)

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Activities range from how entrepreneurs learn and develop their mindsets and skills over time to developing an understanding of business models and how to create a coherent model. (Ten 90min hands-on workshops)

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