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The Lessons of Failure

My hands shook as I opened the long-awaited letter that would determine whether or not I would be accepted into the National Honor Society. This

Art as Therapy by Katelyn

July was probably the darkest month of 2022 for me.  The usually bright and cheery month was marred by a series of violent crimes—including the

A sneak peak at Ecuador ~ by Emma

Growing up I’ve been surrounded by Ecuadorian culture; both my parents are from Ecuador and I consider myself Ecuadorian. I haven’t met many Ecuadorians growing

Growing Up Latina in America ~ by Emma

Growing up in America I rarely see any representation of Ecuadorian culture. The only representation in Western media I’ve noticed growing up was Mexican culture

A Perfect Job Box ~ by April

Once you graduate from high school the most common question that people ask is What’s your career plan? What are you going to pursue? What

Our Discovery ~ by Emma

Women need to be credited for discoveries and achievements they made that most people don’t know about.

What we value ~ by April

A few days ago my mom asked me an interesting question. The question was, “What is one thing that is important for you, but it’s