Get prepared for the career world!

This is an interactive, hands-on virtual career prep course is designed specifically for young women ages 17-22 who are looking for guidance in starting their careers and/or landing that all important internship.

You’ll learn:

  • Everything you need to know to finding (and landing) your next job, internship, and dream career
  • The most important thing you need to do to determine if a career is a good fit for you.
  • What steps to take to move up the career ladder and into leadership positions

You’ll earn:

  • chance to be awarded a $500 cash prize or free college course
  • a completed standout resume

Course Outline

  1. July 26th (12pm – 2:30pm CST) Finding My Dream Job and Making Bank! Not sure what you want to do? Wondering if you’re a good fit for your dream job? Who in the world is FICA and why do they get so much of your paycheck? All of these questions and more are answered. Landing the all important interview What 3 things do you need to land the interview? We’ll help you create a killer resume and how to handle all the pressure of the interview itself.
  2. July 27th (12pm – 2pm CST) Prepare Yourself: What to expect during an interview and how to follow up. What kind of questions to expect, what kind of questions to ask. How to handle unexpected questions, doing your homework on the company and follow up. Researching the company. How do you determine what company you want to work for? What’s the Tee?  Learn what it’s really like to have the career, what to look for in companies and what companies (and colleges) are looking for in your social media.
  3. July 28th (12pm – 2:30pm CST) That’s a wrap! Put your skills to the test in a mock interview, hear from experts on how to navigate your way in college, internships and the workforce and find out if you won the cash prize.

Program Requirements

  1. You must be able to attend ALL  sessions.
  2. Be between the ages of 17-22 years old.
  3. Complete the application process

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