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Celebrating Women

Celebrating women and their accomplishments in business.

Angela Lussier Finds Her Purpose in Helping Women Find Theirs

It took just nine words to change Angela Lussier’s life: “you’ll never be ready; you just have to start.”

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Diane Powers

How do you mentor others? Mentoring is very expansive. Working with employees is mentoring them and inspiring them, whether it’s their business, their ethics, or their style.

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Kelly Anderson

“Having females in construction is not rare anymore, females are out in the industry,” Kelly said. “Having a company that wants to hire more females is what’s rare.”

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Woman turns hobby into business by embracing the unexpected

For every item sold at Righter’s store, money is donated to local non-profits. She got the idea while working as a social worker. She wanted to find a way to close the gap between the community and the young people she worked with. Then life, gave her an unexpected push.

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Paige Rogers ~ embrace your fear.

Rogers says she’s proof you can turn what you’re truly passionate about into your career by facing your fears head on. “Whatever you want to do, you can do it,” Rogers says. “Just try to get uncomfortable that’s what I say honestly just be uncomfortable be nervous be like oh my God.”

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Why Maia Heymann (left) and Nilanjana Bhowmik are starting their own venture capital firm

“What we guarantee and assure any entrepreneur, particularly female entrepreneurs, is that when they come to our firm seeking an investment they will get equal footing,”

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These Women Mean Business

“Whatever I’ve accomplished, I’ve accomplished as an entrepreneur where I didn’t have to answer to a boss or some kind of patriarchal system,” Davis says. “There isn’t a glass ceiling when you answer to yourself.”

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