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Declaring Defeat

i surrender

We do. We declare defeat on a lot of projects. Many times before we even get started. But why? Is it because it really is a bad idea? Or is it because we’re afraid? Afraid of failure. Afraid of taking a risk.

I’ve done it many times. There have been times when it was the right move. For example, my bookstore I dreamed of opening. I spent so many hours doing the research, meeting with people, telling everyone about it. Then when the time came to go to the bank and ask for the money, I backed out. Every time I think about it, I get a little melancholy. I know it was the right decision but it still makes me a little sad.

Through the whole process up until that last moment, I didn’t doubt or question, I moved forward with great confidence. My experience now with Nerdy Girl Supplies is a very different experience. I go from being very excited to thinking “What the hell am I doing?! I have no idea how I’m going to pull this off!” It feels impossible.

Some research is suggesting that the office supply industry is losing ground because people are going paperless. There are big competitors….major competitors (Staples, Office Depot, Amazon) that are selling office supplies online. Then there’s the money. There’s going to be a need for a lot of money. Website, marketing, inventory… I could look at all of that and say “Yup. It’s best to stop now. Throw in the towel.” I’ve been on the verge of it frequently.

Thinsters-Chocolate-Chip-CookiesBut then last night, I go to grab a couple of cookies and I look at the bag and it just hit me. It was a bag of Mrs. Thinsters Chocolate Chip cookies. It’s a new cookie company. I mean who would’ve thought we needed yet another cookie company out there? It’s just a new spin on an old favorite. There is HUGE competition. You’ve got Nestle Tollhouse and Chips Ahoy to name a couple not to mention my grandma’s homemade cookies.

But yet, here they are. Despite all the odds. They are on the shelves at Krogers and now in my hands.


You don’t have to be first to market, you just have to deliver and execute better. ~ Jeffery Sprecher


Thank you Mrs. Thinsters’ cookies of reminding me of this quote. I believe in my idea. I believe in the philosophy of the company I want to build. It is what is going to differentiate me from “The Big Boys” and make people want to be a part of the culture I’m creating.

I refuse to declare defeat!

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