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Everyone’s An Addict

Fresh starts…new beginnings. The first day of the month. Mondays (yes, I love Mondays). A fresh new journal or planner (hint, hint). And the freshest of all starts…a brand new year! The thought that anything is possible. Anything can happen.

I love fresh starts so much I think I’m addicted to them. It’s the thought that it doesn’t matter what’s happened before, here’s a clean slate. In fact, I think everyone is an addict. More than being addicted to drugs, I believe we’re a society…a world addicted to fresh starts. I mean look at the huge focus and frenzy at the close of a year to make those resolutions and vision boards. Every networking group has a presenter on the topic. There are webinars about goal setting. People are having vision board parties.

And that’s great. It’s important to have goals and vision boards, etc. But what do we notice that happens a few weeks or month into the new year? People start dropping off. Why is that? The newness has worn off. The high is gone and the work is setting in.

At that point, you need to ask yourself do you really want to accomplish your goal or do you just crave that wonderful feeling of a fresh start. Do you love the idea of your goal but not the journey it takes to get there?

It’s okay to stop and evaluate…to question. There have been many times in this past year after launching Nerdy Girl Supplies when I’ve questioned myself. What am I doing? Do I really want this? Am I able? Who do I think I am? Is this really what I’m supposed to be doing?

How do I respond to myself? It’s the fact that I can’t stop thinking about my goals and my idea. I have those moments when I think I’m done and going to quit and in the next I’m saying Okay, what’s the next step to getting this done? I’ve also been fortunate enough to have opportunities present themselves in some of those moments.

My advice to all the addicts out there.

Don’t be addicted to the fresh start. Find the addiction with your goal. That is what will fuel you through the work. What can’t you stop thinking about?

Don’t just have goals or a vision board. Create the action steps to get you on the path to achieving them. Remember, a goal without a plan is just a wish.

So tell me, what is your addiction? What are the first steps you’re going to take this year to get you closer to your goals?


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