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Shannon Peavey

Shannon Peavey

Product Management, Growth Lead

Shannon works in “tech” as a product manager, which is a job that requires working with all other teams in a company to make sure the product you are all trying to sell is the best it can be. The product manager makes decisions about what to build, when to build, who to build with, and how you will measure your success. She began working as a product manager with the Walt Disney Company in Los Angeles in 2006, and later  worked with companies in Silicon Valley making software for employee communications, data analytics, and most lately fundraising for nonprofit organizations. Over the years Shannon has had the chance to work with amazing artists, engineers, marketing, finance, legal pros, you name it… and no day is the same as the one before. She explored journalism, marketing and public relations before coming to product management and found that product management brings all of these together and more. Shannon has two kids (twins) and she is always striving to find life balance while staying on top of work.

Fun Facts

Alma Mater: Boston University
Degrees: BS, International Diplome (French university business degree) and MS
Hobbies: In HS I was on Student Council, yearbook, track, tennis and was always dabbling, never really found a focus, but guess what – that was perfect for what I eventually decided to study, which was Journalism. I am no longer a Journalist but that is where I started my career. I even met Barbara Walters!
Location: California

Ask Me

How to look at your career as more of a jungle gym than an elevator; why it’s ok to try multiple things; how to have confidence in yourself; what are some various kinds of jobs in tech; and of course, what is product management

Job Shadow


Things I Can Help With

  • Resume writing
  • LinkedIn profile review
  • Creating a budget
  • Completing job applications
  • Shyness – this is such an under-attended affliction

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