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Jeanna Madlener

What does a typical day for you consist of?

Always start with your morning routine…if you don’t have one…get one.

After journaling and daily gratitude practice, I check my work email, LinkedIn and other social media. Then it’s onto exercise (most days – I really try to do 4 days per week). During COVID – it’s been the stationary bike (dubbed CORONACYCLE with an Episode of All American from Netflix)

Sitting down at my desk (usually around 9-9:30), it’s identifying what the top 3-4 MIT (Most Important Things) are for the day. They could be meeting with a client, prospective employees, responding to client requests, business development calls, projects, mentoring a team member etc. Every day is different – which is what I love!

I try to wrap up around 6:00-6:30 (commute home during normal times). Commutes are used decompress, return phone calls, and to think of what to make for dinner unless it’s my husband’s turn ?

What advice would you give someone considering this career?

If you’re looking for variety, opportunity to apply technical skills and personality, ability to “move up the ranks”, multiple careers directions, flexibility in schedule, unlimited income potential – consider insurance & risk management as a career!

Network, network, network – the verb.  It can be in the form of electronic conversation but try, try, try to develop your communication skills by interacting with them verbally.

Here’s the definition from dictionary.com

  • verb (used without object) to cultivate people who can be helpful to one professionally, especially in finding employment or moving to a higher position: His Her business lunches were taken up with networking.

I get that you might think you don’t have a network right now…but you do! Your parent(s) and their friends, your peers (their parents), people you go to church with, your teachers – many of those people would welcome an opportunity to support you.

How? Ask them for an interview – inquire about their job, even if it doesn’t interest you. If you’re looking for spending money…ask them how you might be able to help or do it for nothing else than you just want to help.

Why does this matter? Because, although I believe you go far with book smarts, technical skills, and good communication – I’ve seen others succeed on the premise: It’s not what you know…it’s who you know…

What is a book or movie that has inspired you?

Honestly…reading comprehension was never my strength. I struggled, having to read the same paragraph over and over just to understand what it was trying to say.   My senior year of college, I had to take one more elective so I chose Sociology 101, thinking it would be a piece of cake, I WAS WRONG! Sure, it was a fun class, I was one of the only seniors and the professor was SUPER cool. But the final had nothing to do with the course work…it would only be questions about a book —- Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. I dreaded having to read for class but guess what – one of my favorite books to this day; not only because it was a great story and message but because it ignited a desire to read.

Also recommend – The One Thing; The Greatest Salesman in the World; The Four Agreements

Do you (or your company) offer internships or job shadow opportunities to high school students? If so, how would a student go about applying for one of those?

We do! And we’re expanding these opportunities in the future! You can always check out our careers page. Other piece of advice – even if not all of the job criteria resonate with you or you don’t possess all the skills or experience the posting outlines…APPLY ANYWAY! You never know what will happen and if that job isn’t the right fit, at least you’re on they’re radar for the next one (and you’ve added more to your network).

If you do find any opportunity in this field of interest – job, career, conversation, or connection – reach out to me. If I can answer your question or connect you with someone who can, I’m more than happy to do it – FOR REAL!!!!

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https://www.spencered.org/ – SCHOLARSHIPS

Jeanna Madlener

Jeanna is passionate about helping businesses understand and effectively manage their risks. She becomes an extension of her client’s team to better understand culture, risk tolerance, goals and objectives to design and implement successful risk management and insurance programs. Her experience spans various industries including technology, hospitality, food processing, and manufacturing.

Clients appreciate her attention to detail, holistic approach, and passion to educate – empowering them to make thoughtful decisions for their organizations.

She strives to:

  • Provide excellent, customer-centric service
  • Build solid, long-term relationships
  • Constantly learn and improve
  • Mentor others

Jeanna looks for ways to give back to the industry and enjoys working with young people. She serves on the Scholarship Committee for the Spencer Educational Foundation and leads their Alumni Mentoring Program. She has also chaired the Rising Risk Professional Committee for the Oregon Chapter of RIMS (Risk and Insurance Management Society).

Prior to joining Woodruff-Sawyer, Jeanna worked for Wells Fargo Insurance Services as a senior vice president for 14 years, and for AON Risk Services for 2 years as a relationship manager. Knowing she wanted a career in this field, she pursued a bachelor’s degree in Insurance & Risk Management from Indiana State University.