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Late Bloomer

christina meade 7th grade

A late bloomer is a person whose talents or capabilities are not visible to others until later than usual.


This is a blog post topic that I’ve been mulling over for quite some time actually. The past few years I’ve been kicking myself. Feels like I’ve always been late to the party and becoming a business owner and the realization of what I really want to do hasn’t felt any different.

This feeling really hit last year as I’m sitting in a coaching retreat with my business coach and a few other of her clients. I looked around the room and figured out that I was the oldest person in the room. All these other women at least 10 years younger than me all seemed to have it figured out what they want to do with their lives and here I was just figuring it out. I’ve hesitated on sharing this because, quite honestly, I was ashamed. What’s wrong with me that it’s taking me so long to get with the program?

Today, I’m on Instagram and I see a video that Gary Vaynerchuck has shared and it changed my perspective on where I am right now in my life. You know, that’s all we ever need really. Is to just be open to look at things from a different angle. Here’s the video I watched. If you’re in your 40s and older and are wishing you had done things differently when you were younger and now that ship has sailed…watch the video. Save it to watch in the future. Share it with others.


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