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Like an echo in the forest ~ by April

Depression, we all know the definition of what is meant by depression, but do we really understand it?

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are more than 3 Million US cases per year. Depression is a mental health disorder that causes a constant feeling of sadness or loss of interest in activities. Why is depression so common? What causes it? The answer is our negligence towards ourselves. In our day-to-day busy life, we are so busy that we don’t even have a few minutes for ourselves or anyone else. Ask yourself when was the last time you appreciated yourself or someone else around you? Or when was the last time you did something for yourself? On the plane, it always tells you to put on your oxygen mask first to make yourself a priority before you can do other things. Why don’t we do this in our day-to-day lives? All we need are a few minutes for ourselves. Are we that selfish that we can’t take out some time for some self-care? I know the pandemic made our life tough, but we also know that it’s survival of the fittest. Negative days and Negative nights will pass by soon.

Feeling sad for a while is normal, we all are humans and feel pain but when the sadness keeps on lasting longer and you feel worthless or have no interest in doing anything then it means that you are suffering depression and you should seek some professional help.

I know there are many people out there who need help right now but don’t know how to ask for it. You can always contact your school counselor if you think you are suffering from depression.  If you are reading this I want you to check in with the person whom you haven’t heard from for a long time. It will just take a minute.  Just text them and ask them what they’re up to.  Appreciate the people around you, this small act of kindness will make your day. You will have the satisfaction that you made someone smile. 

Reach out to someone you know and trust, if you need help. I know this part is hard to do but believe me you will appreciate it in the end.

  1. I know how it feels like trapping yourself inside your room.
  2. Always being irritated by things around you.
  3. Feeling tired and lacking interest.

I even know these strong feelings are hard to get out from. But it isn’t impossible. It would feel like you are alone but trust me you are not alone. You can do it. I know it’s hard, but hold through. Believe me, you are too precious to just sit and worry. It’s okay to reach out for help if you need one. Don’t wait, time never waits for anyone.  

It’s always easier to judge people rather than understanding or believing them. But no one would know until you walk into their shoes. Think millions of times before judging someone who is reaching out to you for help. 

Things that help your depression: 

  1. Call your friends. Talk to your friend and share with them how you are feeling. It’s always fun talking with your friends. I was grateful to have a friend that helped me during my hard times.
  2. Work on your hobbies. I personally love painting and creating some kind of artwork. I try my best to express myself in the art piece that I make. This helps me express myself and make my art piece unique and creative. 
  3. Write a letter to the future self. Write things that you believe you would achieve. It’s okay if you don’t accomplish that by that time. 
  4. Try to learn something new, like cooking, baking, dancing,  a new language, and there are many more things. 
  5. Try to meditate. There are many videos on youtube that can help with meditation. Try to create your own peaceful zone while meditating don’t let any negative thoughts come to you. Put your complete focus on mediation. It will help with stress, anxiety, and depression.
  6. Appreciate yourself, treat yourself with some treats after you accomplish your small goals. 
  7. Clean your room. Make yourself busy when you feel low. Listening to some music while you are cleaning, it won’t make you feel bored. There are two advantages with this one you will clean your space and second you won’t feel low.
  8. Write a diary. Diary is the best thing with which you can share your secrets. Diary won’t ever share your secrets with anyone. 
  9. Go out for walks. Listen to some music. Enjoy the weather. It will feel a little wired for a moment if you haven’t left your house in ages. But trust me no one outside has time to look at you, they all are busy enjoying themselves and so should you. Enjoy the weather and music. Just go out for a mile walk and discover what has changed around your place. 

There are many more things to do along with this. Something that inspired me was k-pop music. I don’t speak Korean, but I was able to understand the feeling they are trying to express. BTS is on top of my list. They always have some inspirational music. There are many k-pop motivational songs that are written on the pandemic. Like for example, these are lyrics from the BTS song, “Life Goes On” :

“Like an echo in the forest

하루가 돌아오겠지  (The day will come back around)

아무 일도 없단 듯이 (As if nothing happened)

Yeah, Life goes on”

It says that “This moment will pass by soon and everything will go back the way it was like nothing happened. It will take some time, changes don’t happen overnight.” This song even tells how the pandemic came all of a sudden and streets erased the footprints but life goes on! You can always use Google to translate. Always remember you are not alone, it’s all about understanding your pain and asking for help. Asking for help won’t make you a small person or weaker instead it will make you stronger.

If you have any question, concerns or suggestion leave below in the comment section. Until then enjoy the weather and check in on people often. 

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