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Mad Love Moment


As we do at the end of an old year/beginning of the new, we sit and reflect on the past. I’m no different. The last few months have been spent looking at not only the tapestry of my life but closer at the smaller threads, that if they weren’t there, the whole artwork would unravel and never be the same. I’ve been seeing how all of the wonderful women in my life have created the person who I am today. I feel waves of great love and gratitude for all of them. We talk about having a tribe behind us that supports us and gives us strength. I’d like to introduce just some of my tribe to you. They are fantastic. They are powerful.



Without Carol, I don’t think I ever would’ve made it this far in business. Her tutoring and fun spirit on almost a daily basis is my fuel.






Thank you for being the fabulous friend and coach that you are! You opened my eyes to the many things in business that were right in front of me that I just wasn’t focused enough to see. I treasure the friendship even though you are now many miles away.




miriam, kristina, michele

Miriam, Kristina, Michele

You are three kick-ass business women who are accepting enough to let me the weirdo that I am and loving me anyways.




mom, inta, grandma

Mom, Grandma, Inta

Thank you for your unconditional love and being such wonderful role models as to what real women are supposed to be like before being ‘real’ and ‘authentic’ was a thing.


I have spent some time having my doubts as to whether I can make this work. Will I have a positive impact and be able to make a difference. And because of these women, these strong and beautiful influences on my life, I know that I will be.

Who deserves a Mad Love Shout Out from you? Share them in the comments below.


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