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Miriam DeVault

What does a typical day for you consist of?

My day typically starts at 8:00 am. I start with checking emails that I may have missed form the day before and that has come in over night. By 9:00 am the day is off and running. I try to stay at my desk to get things done. But, life and craziness happens. I’m usually out of the office by noon everyday however I do check emails periodically. With that said I still take phone calls ALL day long.  I use a scheduling app and that makes my life easier so I can be mobile. When we have a larger job or project I will pick up material and deliver it to the job.On bigger projects I like to go to the job and check in on the progress. Customers love to see the owner at the job and they are placing a voice with a face. Some days I’m running all day to suppliers, jobs, and to the permits departments. So, I just catch up on office type stuff the next day.

My day typically ends at 4:00. We offer emergency service so I am on call 24-7.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to enter this field?

Advice I would  give to anyone would be to go to school if possible and get a business degree or take business classes and accounting classes. In addition to that get a good group of people as a support crew. A business coach is a must! Sam Magavero has been amazing to bounce ideas off of and help to set policies and procedures.
Do you offer internships or job shadow opportunities?
We do take people on to shadow the electrician and myself from time to time.

Miriam DeVault

I was born and raised in Chicago,IL and Gilman,WI. So, I’m a combination of a city and country girl. After high school I did not have a path. I got married and started to raise a family. I worked for The Mattel Company (American Girl, Fisher Price, Barbie and Hot Wheels)in their customer service dept. That taught me a lot! I answered calls all day.

Once my youngest (at the time) went to school I decided to go to school to be a massage therapist. I absolutely loved my job! We owned a contracting business but

I wasn’t interested in being a part of the office. Fast forward 11 years later and 1,100 miles and we find our family in Texas. I woke up one morning and said to my husband I’m going to start an electrical contracting company. Will you quit your job and work for me as my Master Electrician? It didn’t take much convincing and he said yes. We are on year 6 now.

Without the hard work I learned on the farm, customer service skills at Mattel, and my big city tuff skin along with the support of my friends and family this would’ve been a lot harder.