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Nerdy Girl Success Announces Flash Mentor Program

Nerdy Girl Success is offering a unique Flash Mentor Program for young women that is fully virtual. “This new program fits beautifully with Nerdy Girl Success’ goal of changing the leadership landscape by giving young women the support and preparation today that they need to become bold decision makers of tomorrow. We are thrilled to be pioneering this program for strong generations of women to come,” said Christina Meade, Executive Director & Founder.

The Flash Mentor Program is designed to allow young women to seek mentorship through a pre-approved woman that has the specific type of insight and guidance the young person is looking for. This is critical to the organization’s mission as revealed by a Girls Leadership Study that an estimated 80% of Black girls and 64% of Latino girls scored higher in leadership skills when they had role models of the same race and ethnicity. To ensure easy accessibility, the Flash Mentor Program is available to participants via phone and/or video for maximum convenience.

Since 2018, Nerdy Girl Success has served more than six hundred young women with approximately five hundred hours of free programming that yielded results such as the increased establishment of personal goal setting and action plans, acceptance into school leadership positions, acceptance into business mentorship programs, and preparation for college education and careers.

“There is a movement happening now in our society for women to have access to equal opportunities and equal pay in a world where this has not always been the case. We are thrilled to be bringing mentors and role models to today’s young women to show them that what they dream of is indeed achievable,” Meade concluded.


About Nerdy Girl Success:

Founded in 2018, Nerdy Girl Success was created with a vision of empowering the young women of today to become the successful leaders of tomorrow. The organization offers a variety of programs that allow young women to develop the confidence they need to succeed. The skills developed through these programs help young women with college and career planning, learning leadership skills, collaboration, public speaking, advocacy and more. Visit www.nerdygirlsuccess.com to learn more.

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