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Newton’s Laws of Motion

One of my favorite units to teach was physics. Simple machines and the laws of motion. My students would build Rube Goldberg machines or roller coasters. The kids would have to point out the simple machines and how they, along with the laws of motion, were at play. They would explain why it did (or in many cases, didn’t) work according to plan. Physics is everywhere! I probably should’ve been a physics teacher….nah!

This morning I was driving on my way to a meeting, sitting waiting for the train and just thinking about how, lately when it comes to the business, I’ve been feeling like I’m trying to move through quicksand or sludge or something. It’s just so slow. Getting that forward momentum seems to be eluding me. It was a light bulb moment! Momentum…Physics….Newton’s Laws of Motion…they apply to business!

1st Law – the law of inertia

An object keeps doing what it has been doing unless an unbalanced force acts on it.

2nd Law – law of acceleration

You need to apply a force on an object to get it to change it’s current state. The greater the mass, the greater the force. We also know that more force is required at the beginning to get an object to change (especially a larger mass) in order to overcome it’s inertia…to gain momentum.

3rd Law – action and reaction

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Forces act in pairs.

Now apply this to business…

Nerdy Girl Supplies™ is a start up. So essentially, at a stand still. It’s going to stay this way until an unbalanced force works on it.

A start up can translate into a large mass. The fact that Nerdy Girl Supplies is a slightly different concept adds to the mass. That means I’m going to need a big force to overcome this inertial state and start gaining momentum. Once it gets going it will be easier but it needs a big push probably over some time. I have to push back against some old ways….and push back hard so I can get propelled in the right direction.

Thank you Sir Issac for the help and clarity today. So here I go!


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