Nerdy Girl Success™ programs are for high school girls and consist of a wide range of interactive activities and experiences that enable them to build the skills and confidence that lead to their achievements, have fun and help make our mission a reality.

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Nerdy Girl Success Club

  • 9th - 12th grade girls participating will get the opportunity to learn basic business principles while helping a local non-profit that addresses a community issue the members are interested it. Skills addressed are leadership, marketing, graphics, budget and confidence. Members get the opportunity to meet and learn from businesswomen who are not only in your community but across the country.

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Career and Leadership Summit for High School Girls

  • The purpose of our Career and Leadership Summit is to introduce high school girls to a wide variety of careers and the women who are leading in those industries. This is a FREE event for the girls to attend. They will have an opportunity to listen to a keynote speaker, a panel discussion, chat with women leaders in a wide range of industries, and participate in breakout sessions on everything from getting money for college to entrepreneurship and local government careers.

To Your Organization

Leadership & Confidence Building

  • Lead Like a Girl - identify the skills and characteristics of leaders, the types of power leaders use, leadership styles. Girls are empowered by identify those skills they possess and evaluate how they can build and strengthen their leadership. (Eight 90min workshops)
  • Savvy Girl, Did You Know - What do a CEO, engineer and a YouTube star all have in common? They've all mastered this one skill important to becoming successful, developing a mindset for success. Through the interactive sessions, the girls strengthen their self-confidence and self-esteem creating the mindset helping them become successful in everything they do. (Five 2 hour workshops)


  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship - interactive experiences that provide an opportunity to explore the skills and aptitudes of entrepreneurship, examine their personal aptitudes and how to build and strengthen them. (Six 90 min workshops)
  • Becoming an Entrepreneur - activities range from how entrepreneurs learn and develop their mindsets and skills over time to developing an understanding of business models and how to create a coherent model. (Ten 90min workshops)

Summer Programs

  • Summer Business Camp for Girls: created for 9th & 10th grade girls to have the opportunity to learn some of the fundamentals of starting and running a business. In this week long experience, we take the girls from concept to actually running a business for a day. (5 days 6hrs each day)
  • Becoming a Girl-preneur: created for 11th - 12th grade girls who have an idea for a business they'd like to start and want to learn the next steps. Girls are partnered with 1-2 advisors who will help them learn how to do market research, opportunity analysis and develop their business model into a coherent business plan. (5 days 6 hrs each day)
  • Girls in Office: created for 9th - 12th grade girls who are interested in government and community activism. They will learn how local government works, how they can get involved and how to create the change they wish to see in their communities. (5 days 6 hrs each day)

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