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Empowering Young Women In Leadership

Nerdy Girls can discover a plethora of opportunities to nurture their personal and professional growth! We are committed to empowering women and promoting their success through comprehensive and engaging educational programs. Explore our diverse range of programs below and find the perfect fit for your ambitions.

No matter which program you choose, rest assured that our expert facilitators and resources are dedicated to providing a positive and enriching learning experience. We believe in the power of a strong community and the limitless potential of Nerdy Girls. Join us on this exciting journey of growth and success.

We offer young women leadership programs for high school girls that enable them to build skills and confidence that help them achieve their goals.

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Our Young Women Leadership Programs

Nerdy Girl Success® Club

Within the Nerdy Girl Success® Club, girls 9th – 12th grade develop the skills necessary for success in their life, college and careers. Skills like leadership, public speaking, advocacy, business and how to collaborate with one another than competing. We encourage young women to be a supportive learning community, emphasizing unity over competition and empowering them to find their voices and recognize their worth. The young women in our clubs acquire valuable insights into business operations, enabling them to apply this knowledge beyond the club. They gain a comprehensive understanding of diverse career opportunities and enhance their overall skill set.

Career and Leadership Summit for High School Girls

Career and Leadership Summit for High School Girls

The purpose of our Career and Leadership Summit is to introduce high school girls to a wide variety of careers and the women who are leading in those industries. These young women get the opportunity to learn about the career possibilities that exist and, more importantly, see themselves in those roles. This is a FREE event for the girls to attend. They will have an opportunity to listen to a keynote speaker, a panel discussion, chat with women leaders in a wide range of industries, and participate in breakout sessions on everything from getting money for college to entrepreneurship and local government careers.

I seriously learned so much from everyone who was part of the program. I really cannot emphasize that enough. It was incredible to see so many strong and diverse women talk about their own journeys. There were countless times where I felt so heard and informed about what's ahead for me, both in my career and my life in general.
-R. Baditha

Career Accelerator Program

Our free career prep course is designed specifically for young women ages 17-22 who are looking for guidance in starting their careers and/or landing that all important internship. (Eight sessions ranging from 1-2 hours. Can be adjusted for a more intense experience and shorter time frame) Can be done virtually or in person.

Career Prep Program

Research Based Programs with Curriculum Alignment

When designing our programs, we conducted research to determine what would be the best methods to help move our mission forward. Those studies showed that while students understand that careers are not gendered, when it came to pursuing a career (via college studies, etc), girls and young women were predominantly selecting stereotypical female careers.

What makes the difference? When young women are presented with broader career pathways by meeting and talking with career women to learn about the day-to-day and how they achieved their positions. Also, when those young women were able to visit career women at their job site. Girls reported that having those two experiences made an impact on their understanding, comfort and confidence in pursuing certain careers.

This information became the basis for our core program activities. Whether it is at a club, summit, career accelerator or the flash mentoring, all involve the participants speaking with career women. Through our field trips and job shadows, the girls have the ability to see women being successful in their working environment.

* Girls’ Career Aspirations by Ofsted
* Career aspiration and related contextual variables by Routledge

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In my last role as English Teacher and Student Council Sponsor at CFISD, the council partnered with Nerdy Girl Success, Inc to mentor girls about future career goals. This program allowed the young ladies on the council to learn about different career fields they may not have otherwise known about. Nerdy Girl allowed them to network with female web developers, chemical and aerospace engineers, statisticians, etc.

Many of my young ladies said Nerdy Girl was the most meaningful program they had participated in throughout their high school careers.

Happy anniversary Nerdy Girl! I look forward to seeing you continue to inspire and empower young women to excel in career fields where female representation is limited. Here's to many more years of positive impact!
-Tikijah Parsons, M. Ed, BBA

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