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Savor the little moments ~ by Maryam

More often than we think we forget the little moments of life as we strive for the big. Forgetting summer lazy afternoon picnics or rather the smell of dew in autumn mornings and even a less romantic event like spilling coffee or taking bites of a well-done toast that you didn’t get to enjoy because you were running late to work. 

I started to truly understand the importance of the little things in life only starting this past year. The pandemic confined everyone to their homes and so many to hospital beds. Many of the things that had no significance or, at least we didn’t see their importance, before they became scarce and important. 

Just being able to stand next to someone has now become taboo when once it was the other way around. This made me realize how much of my life I could be missing. Flowing through everyday events like a cloud when instead I could be enjoying those same tasks. Lately, I’ve been trying to stay in touch with people in general. By speaking to them, I realized that many people are living a rather repetitive life right now including me. 

This made me desperate for change and got me thinking “ How can I create a less repetitive routine if I still have to do all the same things in a day?” I tried many things, one being not having a routine at all. No routine hasn’t helped me personally, so the hunt for the least boring and repetitive routine began for me. 

I realized that the best thing I could do for myself is to write key priorities the night before and during the day go about the tasks in the order that I feel like doing that day. This means that one day I may shower first, then write a blog and perhaps spend an hour on social media then have lunch with family and tend to clean all the while the next day I might do exactly the opposite from having breakfast with family first, then cleaning and making an art piece and showering last. Of course, my day tends to be a lot more complex and busy than I described. 

Not only has this allowed me to not be all too bored but because I do the tasks that I want in the order that I want to. This allows me to enjoy doing that task. Truly being present while creating memories that I won’t forget easily. This also has helped improve my truly weak memory. 

By sharing this I am hoping that I can help some of our readers feel less bored with everyday tasks and see them as small important events. Living in the present is important and understanding those little things in life matter is too. So perhaps the next time you take a sip of your coffee try to really sense all of its beautiful aspects and truly be present and maybe tomorrow try doing a task at a different time than before. 

If you find that these tips have made life a little more enjoyable, share them in the comments below.  We would love to hear from you.

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