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The Podcast – Meet Nancy Sabino

At the age of 22, Nancy Sabino and her husband Angel co-founded SabinoCompTech, an Outsourced Internal IT department for small and medium sized businesses. Self-taught with a couple years of experience in the IT world they wanted to take on the IT industry on their own. In 2015 Nancy was accepted into the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program where she gained validation and learned new skills which allowed her to lead SabinoCompTech to a new era of growth and value driven service to their clients.

In 2016, within a matter of months, she transformed the entire business model of SabinoCompTech bringing focus and specialization to their service offering and creating the business that it is today.

Nancy has led SabinoCompTech to join the ranks of the Global List of the top 501 IT managed service providers, the MSP 501 in 2018 and were awarded 3rd place for MSP of the Year as well as win DigiMaster of the Year in 2019.

Nancy is passionate about business, marketing, diversity, equality, tattoos and inspiring others to dream big and be an example to other girls that with hard work, dedication and the right resources, they can be successful. Nancy and Angel are high school sweethearts who have raised 2 kids while building their business. One of those kids is planning to take over.

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