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Traci Johannson

What does a typical day for you consist of?

Daily routine

I believe in creating a positive momentum, so I begin my day with a morning routine that sets me up for positive results. I know I need exercise, and time outside to inspire my creativity and help me problem solve. I begin my day with yoga and active meditation which I achieve through long distance running. As soon as I return from my run, I create a To Do list to help me stay focused throughout the day. Then the tornado hits – breakfast, kids, homeschooling, work, putting out fires and constant interruptions, however, I keep returning to my To Do list to keep me focused and set on achieving my goals. I am very much a workaholic, so I make myself stop between 6-7 to make sure we have a family dinner or at least time to connect with my boys. Since my kids are my business partners, most of our day is spent either on company issues or assisting them with their schoolwork, so dinner time is a chance for us to goof off, play around, dance or just for me to pretend I’m interested in whatever video game or comic they are currently into. I aim to be in bed by 10PM reading, as opposed to late night TV, so I can have a peaceful night’s sleep and start the day off with momentum.

What advice would you give someone considering this career?

Advice for being an entrepreneur

For anyone considering becoming an entrepreneur the best advice I can give is to Listen to your gut and do not make decisions out of fear.

We are surrounded my well-meaning friends and family that want to protect us from hurt, and they see taking chances, not as a chance to grow and succeed, but as a possibility to fail and in turn create hurt. If you learn from an experience, it is never a failed opportunity. Learned lessons, create experience, experience creates wisdom…..and a wise person makes better choices. So, jump off that cliff of entrepreneurship, and know that the worst thing that can happen is that you become wise throughout your journey.

For me personally, I absolutely love being the master of my fate. Once I listened to who I was, and followed my gut, I knew I was where God intended me to be.

What is a book or movie that has inspired you?

The Book that has transformed my life is……..The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Visualizing your dreams, is the key to having them come true. We create our reality, we see it in our minds, and it appears in our life. You are the creator and master of your life. For example, when you run a race, you see the finish line, you know where you are headed once that gun goes off, so live your life with your finish line in mind. Visualize that finish line, create what it looks like, create your life in you mind, and it will become your reality.

“Visualization works most powerfully when you realize that it is already a reality on the unseen level. It’s already there.” – Eckhart Tolle

Do you (or your company) offer internships or job shadow opportunities to high school students? If so, how would a student go about applying for one of those?

We do offer internship programs and job shadow opportunities for college students and incoming High School Juniors and Seniors . Please forward a resume along with a cover letter introducing yourself, and the reason you are interested in interning with our company to Traci@3SonsFoods.com Thanks! And Good Luck to you all!


Traci Johannson

Hello, my name Traci B. Johannson, and I am the CEO & CoFounder 3SonsFoods, LLC. I am in business with my 3 teenage boys, Ayden, Luke and George and we manufacture and distribute the award winning creamy cilantro salsa Diablo Verde, donating a portion of our proceeds for rhino conservation. We have been in business since 2017 and own 100% of our self-funded, debt-free company.