Hey Change Makers and Future Leaders!

We see you. You’re there making plans for your future. Working hard to set yourself up for success in college and your eventual career. That’s why Nerdy Girl Success created this event. Everything you want to know about careers and preparing for your future is right here! Okay, maybe not EVERYTHING but pretty darn close. Just check out the agenda below.

Agenda (all times are CST)

Career Shop 11am – 3pm

Visit with leaders across all industries. This is your time to learn about everything from the career you’re interested in from a woman who is actually in that field to discovering careers you never knew about or considered.

Some of  the careers to visit

  • Navy Trauma Nurse
  • Financial Advisor
  • Project Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Artist


Panel Discussion 12pm – 1pm CST

Women striving for leadership positions face a unique set of challenges. Learn what leadership looks like during unconventional times like those 2020 presented to the world. Hear first hand from leaders what challenges were faced, failures were endured and lessons were learned as a result.

Meet the Panelists

panelists for summit


What is a skill set you’re wanting to improve? What information are you needing to help you in choosing your college or career? Topics include: College Readiness, Job Readiness, Self-Care, Adulting 101, Leadership & Confidence, Entrepreneurship, and Financial Literacy.

  • Round 1:  1:15 – 2pm CST
  • Round 2:  2:15pm – 3pm CST

Some of the Workshop Titles

  • College Readiness: The College Application Process and Timeline- when students should be preparing for college and what to do to get ahead of the game.
  • Building Your Personal Brand: A personal brand is something everyone has, and in this workshop you’ll learn how to intentionally create yours. Your personal brand defines who you are as a professional, and helps you get clear on the types of companies you want to work with, whether as an employee or an entrepreneur. This workshop will help you intentionally create your personal brand, use it in your job search or entrepreneurial ventures, and harness your personal brand for development and career search.
  • Discover your innate talents: “If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” Thomas A. Edison In this workshop, you will discover your innate talent using five clues to talent. It is simple, interactive, and a whole lot of fun to uncover what our natural talents look like. There is a lot of power in knowing what you have to offer to the world with clarity and confidence.
  • Understanding Your Pay Check – What the heck is FICA and all these other deductions coming our of your paycheck?! Understanding these deductions helps you understand how much you really will be making and how much you need to be sure you’re getting when negotiating your salary.
  • The Life of A Tech Founder: What is the day in the life of a tech founder like? How do we get more diversity and inclusion in leadership? What are the skills to build on and what are the problems that have to be solved? What are some of the obstacles and motivations for women tech founders?

  • and many more!


Wrap-Up and prizes 3:15 – 3:30pm CST

Learn about other opportunities to get involved with Nerdy Girl Success and how we support the young women in our programs. Raffle drawings!

Were we right?!

See! We’re covering a ton of the things that you want to know about. How do we know? Because we’ve gotten input from young women just like you who are a part of our organization.

Our Virtual Event (not a Zoom!) is great because you’ll get to meet women from across the country (maybe even different countries) as well as young women like yourself. Just Click the Registration button below to sign up for free!