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What goal setting really means

goal setting

We set goals because we want to accomplish things and that’s the benefit right? To get things done. True but there are so many more benefits to goal setting. And these underlying benefits are the reasons why we should be teaching, encouraging and participating in goal setting with our kids.

Here’s my Facebook Live video I did discussing those benefits.


Having teens actively involved in setting their own goals and actively working towards them has the following benefits:

  1. Improve Cognitive Skills – they are working on their decision making skills (what is it that I want to accomplish?) as well as their problem solving skills. How am I going to accomplish my goals? What resources do I need? What do I need to learn?
  2. Handle Difficulties – we don’t always accomplish the goals we set out for ourselves or they take longer to accomplish. By working with our kids through this process, they’ll learn much needed coping skills on how to handle disappointment and how to work through challenges.
  3. Improve Self-Confidence – as you achieve your goals you feel great about yourself. This happens with kids too. Not only do they feel great about themselves, they are motivated to do better and this belief in themselves will help them explore their potential. To dream bigger. Try new things.


What are some of the underlying benefits that you can think of that comes from goal setting?

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