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What if I fail? But what if you fly?

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If I slow down or stop and think about where I am right now or about next month or even next year…the anxiety and fear just wells up inside of me. I can feel the panic attack coming.

Fear….What comes of fear? Wars. Hatred. It destroys relationships. It makes businesses crumble. When I take a deep breath and reflect on this past year as a whole, I realize I’ve learned a lot about fear.

I used to have this notion that the courageous and brave turned their backs on fear. You act like it isn’t there and go on about your business. The logic being that if you act like it isn’t there, eventually everything works out. You eventually put enough space between you and the fear that it goes away. Ha! That, Christina, is called denial.

For years, I couldn’t understand why we weren’t able to really get some good momentum in our business. We were doing okay but still having struggles. Definition of insanity? Keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. I kept turning my back to fears about trying new things when it came to the business.

By the end of 2014, after 5 years in business, I finally said Enough! I decided it was time to turn around and not just face the fears I was having but to actually walk towards that fear. To look it in the face, examine it and see if it was anything worth fearing.

Oh what a year it has been! Yes, there have been highs and lows. But, wow, the growth this new perspective has brought has been amazing. Not only have we seen increased business with our company but I’ve started working on this crazy idea, Nerdy Girl Supplies™.

If you’re turning your back on your fears thinking that you’re shutting them out, you’re really not. You’re actually listening to those fears and letting them rule you. It’s okay to turn around.

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