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What Is Networking?

Amanda Lombadro

Amanda Lombardo is a make-up artist and motivational speaker. She’s passionate that make-up artistry is not just about what’s pleasing to the eye, but it’s also a platform for self-care and body positivity. For her, each face is a new canvas and represents the client’s trust that Amanda will do to enhance their beauty. With cruelty-free and healthy make-up options, she takes care of her clients from the inside out. Through the adversity that she has faced in her own life, it has motivated her to be more determined and hyper-focused to spread the message of the value of self-love and care. Her philanthropic efforts include assisting other makeup artists in Houston connect to job opportunities, and she coordinates beauty workshops for nonprofit organizations. She is also the co-founder for a professional networking group The C & C Collective. Amanda believes bringing people together for the greater community makes a huge impact on everyone.