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What we value ~ by April

A few days ago my mom asked me an interesting question. The question was, “What is one thing that is important for you, but it’s not that important for others?”

At first, I thought what is this question?” I had no answer. Because for me everything that belongs to me is important but I don’t know if other people would value it. 

To find the answer I thought to use google but surprisingly it said no results were found. So, I used another way, I texted this question to every person on my contact list. I was really curious to know what their answers would be. It took some time for people to answer me because this question made them think deeply. 

Finally, I got people’s responses. Everyone had an interesting response. There was no right or wrong answer. But, no one had an answer because they always found something important that is even important for others. There were many different responses like my family, my friends, the universe, and the most common answer was “wow, I don’t know”. This didn’t help me. 


So, I asked people to read this question and the first thing that comes into their mind is the answer. Here are some of the answers: my pink blanket, my level of understanding, my knowledge, my name, my respect, my breath, my sofa, money, self-respect, nature, and so on. Everyone had a different way of thinking. I was amazed by the variety of answers. These responses were from a group of teenagers. Teenagers value something that they already have. 

I even thought of asking a group of adults from my family and their answers based on the things that they don’t have or would like to have, for example, a peaceful life, happiness, less stressful life, their job, a vacation, memories, time, and so on. 

Teens’ responses were based on the things that they had, on the other hand, adults’ responses were based on the things they would like to have. I think there was this difference because being a teen you don’t have many responsibilities to take care of. Even teens don’t have that much freedom in decision making therefore they learn to be happy with what they have. Whereas adults have many responsibilities, stress, workload, and much more. Due to which they don’t get enough time to fulfill their dreams. It’s all about looking at the half water-filled glass either half empty or half full. Even when you become an adult you step into this competitive world as a grown-up and you learn to be competitive and demanding. Because we all know it’s always survival of the fittest. 

The answer may vary from person to person like for example, a rich person might have tons of money but lack time, and due to which a rich person would value time moreover money. But others might see it a different way. Some might say that if you have the money, you can buy time. Even your happiness and inner peace might be the most important thing for you but others don’t care about it. The person who lacks something is the most valuable thing for them. Because a person knows the value of not having certain things and how it could have changed their lives if they had that. 

Always be happy for what you have, don’t be sad for what you don’t have!


Tell us in the comments, what is something you think we should place more value on that we as a society take for granted?

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