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Why Do People Judge Others? ~ by April

Imagine getting ready for the most important thing that can be your job interview, Meeting, or anything else. Just the moment before entering the doors you hear a whisper that says,

“ Her hair looks so weird” and here someone else says “Her shoes don’t match with her outfit”. The next thing you know is a bunch of thoughts doing bungee jumping inside your head. You might start panicking and might mess up the most important meeting or tun an interview into a disaster. You can simply avoid this by just thinking why do people judge?

The moment you know why people judge, you will no more feel panic and freaked out.

People often judge because they are jealous of what you have that they don’t. It can be anything: your skills, your style, personality, or anything. So, instead of panicking, be proud of yourself for what you have special and unique. Each person in this world is born with some special and unique qualities. It’s just within you all you have to do is find your unique specialty.

There are two types of people first who look at people’s success and then admire them and keep the desire to be that successful one day and work hard for it. Another type of person is the one who looks at people’s success and then gets jealous of them and then judges others to make themselves feel better for what they don’t have.

So, next time when you hear a whisper on people judging you, all you should do is smile and be confident and rock on what you do.

The fact of the Day: Women see 20% more color than men because of genetic mutation.

In conclusion, Be yourself, don’t change yourself for anyone because you are unique and you should be proud of that. Stay tuned for more blogs. Until then, make some memories. Don’t forget to comment with your thoughts! Don’t be afraid to share any ideas that you might have or any specific topics you want to hear about.

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