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Calling all high school girls!

Come explore the possibilities of a career in technology!

Think you have to know code in order to have a job in the tech industry? Think again! The Women In Tech Summit will introduce you to tech careers in industries you may not have thought about like medicine, music and event planning.

What you get when you attend:

  • A wide variety of hands-on workshops
  • Discussions about trends in technology
  • Learn how to thrive in a career in tech
  • Lasting connections with women working in business and technical sides of technology

Some of the careers you’ll learn about:

  • Sound engineer
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Cyber Security
  • Web Design

More being added every day!

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Krista Satterthwaite is the Vice President and General Manager, Synergy and OneView for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Hybrid IT Group.







Katie Kelly is the Director of Technology at Eight Bit Studios.







Damalia Olotu is a Product Manager for Amazon Prime Air.







Amisha Vadalia is the Director of Operations at Pus.ai










Kimberly Penn – High Tech Maven, Founder of Webtropolis and Techpak.







Hema Karunakaram is the Program Manager for Health Equity at IBM Watson Health








Mariss Sanez (left) Owner, Rukaz Kultura

Savannah Becerill (right) – CEO and Founder of Go Savvy, Savannah is an amazing sound engineer.







Dasani Madipalli – Product Manager at Microsoft and Founder of Dasani Decoded.







Sophia Boisvert is a college student at UT Dallas and is studying computational neuroscience.







Sandhya Simhan is Lead Marketer for Deep Learning.







Heather Brown – Managing Partner at Eight Bit Studios


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Akshi Mohla Scheffert – Consultant and Innovation Ambassador with SAP Ariba.

Intro to App design: Design or coding? App development utilizes both! Learn how to create your own app in JavaScript. Great introductory video




Carolyn Chandler (left) – Director of User Experience at Eight Bit Studios and Anna van Slee (right) Director of New Brands at Sideshow
Burn Down the Blocks! Sparking Collaboration Through Creative Play

You think brainstorming in a student group is hard? Collaboration doesn’t get any easier in the workplace. Different companies have different cultures, and the kind of structure that can help companies grow can also get in the way of collaboration.

In this session, Carolyn and Anna will discuss how to break the rules and transform those roadblocks into building blocks… giving you the tools to facilitate better creation with your friends at school, or when evaluating a job opportunity.



Aimee Prudhomme (Strategic Customer Success Manager at Tableau)

Data Visualization Workshop: Learn to Visualize Trends in Spotify Data: Analyzing data doesn’t have to be mundane and boring. Join this workshop to learn how to bring music data to life. 10 out of 10 chance some sweet jams will be played, plus you’ll learn to how to use an awesome tool (Tableau) and have fun doing it. You’ll need to have the free trial of Tableau. You can check that out here. You will also need to download this workbook (note – only able to be opened with your free Tableau download)



Neha Tammana (Solutions Engineer at Asana)

Introduction to WebDev:This workshop is meant to teach you the basics of web technologies. We’ll get you started with the fundamentals of web development, a basic understanding of the languages used, and by the end of it you’ll have a good foundation to creating a website for yourself!


Event Details

This virtual event will be held on Saturday November 7th from 12-4pm CST

  • Panel Discussion 12pm – 1pm CST
  • College Chat 1:10pm – 1:25pm CST
  • Career Exploration 1:30pm CST
  • Hands-on Workshops 2:30pm CST
  • Wrap-up and prizes 3:30pm CST

Don’t delay!

‘Seating’ is limited!