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On this page, you’ll find a selection of workshops on different topics. They are organized by categories. To view workshops available under a category, click the + to expand the tab. To view the workshop, click the title of the session.

Job Hunting

Interview Preparation: From landing the interview to what to do after the interview, Jordan gives you the inside information to help you land the job!

Biggest Student Communication Mistakes: When applying for jobs, internships and colleges, make sure you stand out for your strengths rather than for the mistakes you made.

Networking – The Power Behind Meaningful Connections: Relationships are everything! Have you heard sayings like ‘Your network is your net worth‘ or ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know‘? Well, we couldn’t agree more! This workshop will delve into why having meaningful relationships is key in life and provide you with practical tips on how you make those connections that will serve you through the various phases of your life.

Make Social Work!: Social Media is life, but it can also be a way for you to make a life you want to live. Make Social Work will help you understand how to use social media to get the job you want and to raise your voice about the things you are passionate about.

What is Networking?: Amanda Lombardo and Christina Meade discuss the basics of networking and how it can help you further not just your career but success in school as well.

Interview Ready – Polishing Your Interview Wardrobe: Learn wardrobe tips for the interview and beyond. Understand the levels of business dress and know what “Jeans Friday” really means. Avoid the common office fashion faux pas. Learn how to ace a video job interview

Resume Rescue: Everyone says they know how to create a resume but do you really know what employers are looking for? In this session, you will find out!


Saving Money: Tips and Tricks!: No matter what age you are, saving money is so important! This lesson will educate you on 1) Why it is important to save money, 2) Different types of expenses one will expect as a young adult, and 3) How to save money.


5 Things Everyone Should Know About College: Do you know the different types of colleges? What about all the ways to get financial aid? This is a must see workshop!


Cultivating Resilience: Ever struggle to move forward when you receive disappointing news or fall short of your goals? If so, Cultivating Resilience is for you. It’s an informative and inspiring talk where we discuss the meaning of resilience, how to identify it in your life, and ways to develop inner strength as you succeed in school and life.

Imposter Syndrome: Most women and high school girls experience some level of Imposter Syndrome. Find out what it is and strategies for overcoming it and increasing your self confidence.

Finding Your Inner Goddess: We are all born with a magic spark inside, an inner pull to follow our dreams and be who we are meant to be. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood we lose ourselves trying to be everything to everyone. Trying to make other people happy and fit in their box pulls us away from that light inside us. This workshop will provide tools to silence the inner critic, change your story, and deal with stressful situations. We’ll talk about how the breakdown is the breakthrough, and the importance of watering the garden of our soul. We are never broken, we just need to change the lens through which we view ourselves to become the goddess within!

Stress Less – A Course in Stress Management: School can be overwhelming for emerging young ladies. How will I do well in school? Will I make people proud? What do my peers think of me? What kind of person do I want to be? More importantly, when I am thinking of these things, how do I cope and manage stress? This live and interactive workshop is designed to help adolescence navigate this life transition and how to develop healthy ways to problem-solve and cope with stress.


Intro to App Design: Design or coding? App development utilizes both! Learn how to create your own app in JavaScript.

Data Visualization Workshop – Learn to Visualize Trends in Spotify Data: Analyzing data doesn’t have to be mundane and boring. Join this workshop to learn how to bring music data to life. 10 out of 10 chance some sweet jams will be played, plus you’ll learn to how to use an awesome tool (Tableau) and have fun doing it.

You’ll need to have the free trial of Tableau. You can download that here https://www.tableau.com/products/trial. You will also need to download this workbook (https://ngsvirtualsummit2020.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/NerdyGirlSuccessSummit_PracticeWorkbook.twbx) (note – only able to be opened with your free Tableau download) 


How and Why You Should Register to Vote: Where do you go to register? When do you register? How do I find out information on what/who to vote for? All those questions are answered.