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They Just Don’t Get It

When I was in education, my family was proud of me and expressed it. I had friends that I would go to happy hour with and discuss the problems of the world. It was great being a part of a group and having a sense of belonging. Then I got this wild hair to leave the traditional workforce

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small business counseling

Failure to Execute

Analysis Paralysis. You’ve heard of this before I’m sure. You’re so busy overanalyzing every detail, possible outcome, etc. that you never actually get started on

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yorki poo dog

Business Lessons My Dog Taught Me

Yogi is our Yorkiepoo and he has got to be about the best dog in the universe. I know. I know. Everyone says that about their dog. But this time it’s true and here’s why. Not only is he a cuddly and loving dog, he also teaches me business lessons almost daily. I’ll share with you the three that I think are the most important.

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damn it doll

Dammit Doll Gets a Workout

There I was, trucking right along. Feeling good. Like I finally might have this whole ‘running a business’ under control. I was focused. Then…


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motivational statement


This quote used to be so reassuring to me. It would make me feel better that I wasn’t perfect or that it was okay that we had just had a bad day in business. But when you stop and think about it, it’s human nature to compare what we’re going through with what we see happening around us.

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