Everyone’s An Addict

Fresh starts…new beginnings. The first day of the month. Mondays (yes, I love Mondays). A fresh new journal or planner (hint, hint). And the freshest of all starts…a brand new year! The thought that anything is possible. Anything can happen.

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christina meade

Barbara Corcoran Was At My Launch

I recently had the opportunity to hear Barbara Corcoran speak. I’m a huge fan of hers and that was definitely a bucket list item for me. She told the story of this wall in her office that has pictures of the people she’s

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Newton’s Laws of Motion

One of my favorite units to teach was physics. Simple machines and the laws of motion. My students would build Rube Goldberg machines or roller coasters. The kids would have to point out the simple machines and how they, along with the laws of motion, were at play.

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