christina meade 7th grade

Late Bloomer

A late bloomer is a person whose talents or capabilities are not visible to others until later than usual.


This is a blog post topic that I’ve been mulling over for quite some time actually. The past few years I’ve been kicking myself. Feels like I’ve always been late to the party

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Mad Love Moment

As we do at the end of an old year/beginning of the new, we sit and reflect on the past. I’m no different. The last few months have been spent looking at not only the tapestry of my life

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taking notes

The Doing Is The Thing

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted here. I’ve really been struggling with it. Finding the time to write and then feeling inadequate about my

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i surrender

Declaring Defeat

We do. We declare defeat on a lot of projects. Many times before we even get started. But why? Is it because it really is a bad idea? Or is it because we’re afraid?

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girl cartoon characters


Say the word “Freedom” to people and ask them what it means to them. You’ll get a variety of responses but most of them will have a common theme…responsibility or the lack of it.

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