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The Podcast – Woman Defined

Woman Defined

What is woman defined? Is society changing the definition of what it means to be a woman or are things just going off the deep end? Have things gone too far or are we not being inclusive enough? Is this just a bunch of noise over nothing? Tune in as our amazing panel shares their insights and experiences.

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The Podcast – Meet Nancy Sabino

At the age of 22, Nancy Sabino and her husband Angel co-founded SabinoCompTech, an Outsourced Internal IT department for small and medium sized businesses. Self-taught with a couple years of experience in the IT world they wanted to take on the IT industry on their own.

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The Podcast – Talking about Change

“Could we change our attitude, we should not only see life differently, but life itself would come to be different.” ~ KATHERINE MANSFIELD

I met Jessica earlier this year at a mutual friend’s book signing party. We struck up a conversation about her podcast where she focused on having awkward conversations with women about their bodies. As we were talking I remember thinking “I want to be like her! So confident and courageous!” Flash forward a couple of months, I asked Jessica to be on the defining HERstory talk show about sex when she confessed that she was nervous about being on the show. I was surprised but also comforted. Here is someone I admire who was just as nervous as I was.

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The Podcast ~ S1 E7 ‘More than just a hashtag’

“My prediction, which I hate and which I’m sorry for, is that the #MeToo backlash will be far more powerful than the #MeToo movement.” ~ Jaron Lanier

The #MeToo movement has brought many men into the light for their actions and holding them accountable. Following that campaign is the #TimesUp movement with Hollywood celebrities wearing their black gowns to the awards ceremonies.

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The Podcast ~ S1 E8 ‘ The Motherhood Penalty’

$11,000 ~ the difference between what mothers and childless women were offered in starting salary.

Working parents’ wages earned: Men see a 6% increase after having children. Women see a 4% decrease per child

Does the motherhood penalty really exist or is it just a bunch of women who are crying foul for no reason? Today we discuss this phenomenon, whose responsible and how to combat it.

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The Podcast ~ S1 E6 ‘Working in a man’s world’

“Being a woman in comedy is like being a woman in any other male dominated field: you have to work twice as hard, have to be twice as good, to get 70% of the pay.” ~ Aida Rodriguez

We’ve come a long way in the working world right? In fact, there are many surveys of people in corporate America who think things are equal now. Diversity has been achieved in the workplace.

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