Real Teenpreneur ~ Jordan Sanders

Real Teenpreneur ~ Jordan Sanders JAM Camp Founder

I learned about Jordan and her summer camp a few months ago and was blown away but all that she’s done. I was so excited when she agreed to be interviewed for the LeadHERship community!

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Real Women ~ Shannon Guild

Shannon Guild, Papermoon Branding Agency

After spending 15 years in various strategic planning roles at a Fortune 100 financial services firm, Shannon left to pursue her true passion: helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs grow their businesses and illuminate their brands. Her expertise lies in clarifying the big picture objectives and developing actionable strategies to bring them to life. 

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hudson news stand

Epiphanies at the O’Hare airport

Epiphanies can happen at the oddest of times, in the strangest of places.

I’m in the O’Hare airport traveling back to Houston from 10 days with my mom and grandmother. I’m standing in front of Hudson News thinking about how I’ve drifted away from the things I love to do and the people I love to be around.

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